Our Expertise 
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Our Expertise
Teams of researchers at our partner institutions bring different but complementary skills and expertise.
  • SRI researchers Louise Yarnall, Geneva Haertel, and Larry Gallagher have extensive experience in project evaluation, assessment design, and measurement. Dr. Yarnall has designed evaluation studies and developed assessment tasks for use in evaluating the learning outcomes of technician education programs in community colleges. Dr. Haertel has designed web-based assessment tasks for use in evaluating the learning outcomes of technology-supported educational innovations. Dr. Gallagher has designed and implemented evaluation studies with particular focus on psychometric modeling and quantitative methods.

  • Rob Johnstone is a consultant at the Foothill College and an active leader in California and the nation in promoting the use of Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs).

  • Robert Mislevy is a leading assessment design and development expert who has explicated a set of principles and a guiding framework for complex assessment design, and a measurement modeling approach..

  • Ernest Pascarella has expertise in post-secondary learning outcomes and the purposes that assessments serve to higher education administrators, practitioners, and policy makers..

  • Expert advisors for biology and economics come from both academia and industry and identify the big ideas from their respective domains that fundamentally shift students' ways of thinking about the world.

  • Faculty members from Foothill College in Los Altos, California, provide perspective on the level of experience and exposure college sophomores will have to the big ideas central to the domains of biology and economics.

Together these partners are designing, developing, and testing a set of new assessment tasks intended to measure knowledge that is central to innovative thinking in diverse domains.

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